You’ll never guess what I found in my attic!

Buying Homes TorontoHave you ever watched those shows on T.V. about people finding rare valuables in their attic? I have always thought it would be amazing to discover something like jewelry or money, but I never believed it was going to happen to me. My husband and I recently bought an old Victorian home. We live in a small town and apparently the house has an interesting history. It was built in 1902, so was one of the first homes built when the town was established. We did some digging at the local library and came to find that the original owners were a wealthy couple. They gave back to the community by making frequent donations, and as such the park in town was named after them.

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I thought this was pretty neat; I always dreamed of living in a historic home, so this made me even more excited. The story of our attic discovery was purely unintentional though. Being as old as it was, the house was not in the greatest of shape when we first moved in. The porch was falling apart and the interior needed some serious remodeling work done. It had been sitting vacant for a couple of years, which did quite a bit of damage. Thus, our adventure began. We hired some contractors to do a bulk of the work, but wanted to make sure we got our hands dirty as well. For sentimental reasons, it was important to us to put some of our own labor into the job.

Our renovation began on the ground floor, as this was the area that required the majority of work. From refinishing the hardwood floors to painting every square inch downstairs, we sure did have our hands full. You can’t even recognize it now though, so in the end the time and money we spent was well worth it. After the lower level was complete, we moved upstairs. The second floor did not take nearly as long, as we only really needed to install carpeting. The attic on the other hand was something we did not intend to do anything with. I figured it would be a good place to store our stuff, but we ended up deciding to finish it off (a suite was in mind).

One day when we were installing drywall, my husband noticed a piece of paper hidden in the rafters. It was dusty and dirty, but was still readable. It turned out to be a letter. Low and behold, it was a love letter that a man had written to a young woman. My only guess was that one of the workers had written it to the owner’s wife. From what we could read, this seemed to be what the story was. Apparently there some sort of romance going on that they wanted to keep secret. Can you believe it? A piece of history had been hidden in our home for nearly a century! This is by far more fascinating than discovering money in my opinion.

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