Would You Put Plastic Flowers in Your Front Yard To Sell Your Home?

9 Tips for People selling their home without a realtor.


1    Plastic flowers in your front yard does not qualify as Staging

2    Don’t miss any calls-you may loose that sale

3    Find a real estate lawyer available to review offers in the evenings and weekends

4    Putting a sign on your lawn and your home on the MLS is not the end of your advertising and marketing plan

5    Letting your Facebook friends know about your home for sale does not qualify as a social media campaign

6    Don’t use your Canon point and shoot to take photos of your home

7    Lower your price!!! Buyers know that you don’t want to pay commission and they expect to get a deal as well!

8    Offer more than $1 to any agent willing to bring a qualified buyer to your home, give them at least enough to buy a “Happy Meal”

9    Stop bragging about those expensive tiles you put in your bathroom not everybody shares your sentiments-REMEMBER, it’s not about YOU…it’s always about what attracts buyers!


All joking aside, my sympathy goes out to people trying to sell their home without a realtor.  It is not an easy task and it requires a tremendous amount of time.

Some homeowners decide to go this route because they know Toronto has been a sellers market for a while and there are enough buyers willing to buy anything…True…Maybe!

What some homeowners fail to realize is that this is not a small town where everybody knows each other and sees or hears about which homes are for sale.

It is a BIG city!

5 Million+ people! why should they see your home?

30 Thousand + Realtors! why should they bring their clients to your home?

100s of homes for sale every week, the vast majority professionally listed, priced, staged and advertised.

So, yes your home will sell eventually, but at what price? and how long will it take?

A full service realtor will provide maximum exposure to your home to sell your home in a timely fashion at the highest amount of dollars.

By The way, I am a realtor so the opinions expressed in this post are totally biased…but…think about it!

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