World’s smallest condos

If you thought condos in Toronto were small, think again.  Units in our densely populated city could be considered a space luxury when you compare them with some of the world’s smallest condos.  But “living small” definitely has its advantages — cheaper electricity bills, a lot fewer possessions and the opportunity to just pick-up-and-go.

Below is a showcase of some of the world’s smallest condos.  After looking at these, we guarantee your home will feel like a mansion!

Location:  Washington, DC

Size:  274 square feet

This apartment isn’t housed in a traditional building.  It’s actually an underground alley that consists of one small bedroom. The remaining living space is made up of mostly kitchen — because you know, what else would you do when living in a small space except cook your buns off?!  This apartment is more than 80-years-old and has a market value of about $175,000.










Location:  New York

Size:  89 square feet

This apartment in the Upper West Side is so small that the ceiling is just 60 centimetres from your face when you’re sleeping.  And after seeing this bathroom, you won’t think to complain that your sink and toilet are too close to each other.  You actually have to sit sideways on the throne so your knees don’t touch the tub.  A couple of years ago, the Daily Mail wrote an article about the apartment’s renter.  She told the newspaper that she had panic attacks when she first moved in because the space was so tight.  And storage space, of course, is also at a premium.  So much so that she has to store her bananas in the toaster oven.










Location:  Surrey, BC (to be built)

Size:  290 square feet

This month, Surrey’s city council approved the construction of Canada’s tiniest condos. Development company Tien Sher was given the go-ahead to construct 56 units — with the smallest one being 290 square feet.  Reports say the condos will be housed in a four-story building called ‘Balance’.  The new-builds are aimed towards first-time homebuyers with an annual income of under $55,000. Tien Sher says each unit will contain five stainless steel appliances and a balcony.










Location:  Seattle, WA

Size:  182 square feet

You know your condo’s small when you have to hang your bicycle from the ceiling to store it. And your bed sits on a raised platform above your TV stand.  That’s the living situation in this 182 square foot apartment in Seattle.  The space is so tight you can’t even afford standing-room for a floor lamp. All light fixtures must be hung or mounted to a wall.



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