Top 10 Craziest Real Estate Ads

After the financial crisis of 2008 the economy hasn’t been the same, and as a result, selling your house, condominium or apartment can be very difficult. The average time that a home stays on the real estate market is longer than ever, and original asking prices are often slashed lower and lower before an offer is finally made. In light of these challenges, many homeowners and real estate agents are resorting to…how shall we say…more “creative” sales methods.


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13 Funniest Real Estate Commercials

Check out some of the most ridiculous–albeit undeniably original–real estate ads we’ve stumbled across!

1. We agree that selling your own home can be painful, but is it that bad?

Selling Your Home

2. Honesty has to be worth at least something, right?

Real Estate Agents

3. On behalf of your neighbour, “point taken”.

House For Sale

4. Thanks for clarifying, Mr. McSpadden!

Real Estate Toronto

5. A valiant effort for the sympathy purchase, although we’d recommend finding a new illustrator next time.

Real Estate Agents Toronto

6. But is it cooked, or not?

Flats For Rent

7. A generous offer to help you get rid of the extra dollars that have been burning a hole in your pocket.

Buying Experiences

8. A spacious yard with the newest technology in lawn care: “pixilated turf”!

Real Estate Business Toronto

9. Does he come with the house?!

Real Estate Toronto

10. Well in THAT case, where do I sign?

House Purchase Toronto

So folks, after all that—what do you think? Creative?Horrible?Desperate? Regardless, one thing’s for certain. You can’t blame ‘em for not trying!

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