Tips for selling your home in winter

Tips for Selling Your Home in WinterWhen it comes to selling a home, there is nothing more stressful than doing when the weather is not on your side. While summertime is the ideally the best time to sell your home (the weather is warmer, the grass is green and people are generally in a better mood), most of us are not blessed with this opportunity. If you need to sell your home in the winter, there are some extra steps you will need to take to make the sale. Bear in mind that this season does have a few advantages.

How to sell your home in the winter 

  • Remember to keep it clean
  • Turn the temperature up
  • Schedule showings when you can take advantage of natural light
  • Keep the driveway and sidewalks plowed
  • Have prospective buyers wear foot coverings
  • Make your home festive if listing during the holidays

One of the worst things about winter is all the dirt and grime that accumulates. A clean home does not sell, and this season presents many problems. Remember to wash the floors and clear the entryway, and do not forget to wash the windows. Paying attention to your home’s outer appearance is just as important, but too many homeowners fail to appreciate this fact. Selling a home is a very psychological process; you do not want to give buyers the wrong impression.

Keeping your home warm is one of the best ways to please prospective buyers. There is nothing better than stepping into a cozy atmosphere, especially if the weather outside is cold and “frightful.” Take advantage of the fireplace if you have one. These little gems can do wonders. Think about it; even in the summertime, fireplaces are attractive features. What do you think the effect will be when buyers step into your home with the fire blazing at the hearth?

A major disadvantage to selling a home during the wintertime is the lack of light that is available. The days are shorter, which means you will need to strategically schedule your showings. Mid-mornings on the weekend are ideal. If you have to show your home when it is dark outside, remember to turn on all the lights and make the space as bright as possible.

To keep visitors safe and happy, you will want to completely clear away any snow and ice that may be present on your walkways. You want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for buyers; a great showing can quickly be ruined by slips, falls and stuck vehicles.

A great way to show your cleanliness and home maintenance standards is by requiring all visitors to wear protective coverings over their shoes. This not only works to keep your floors clean, but it also shows people that you care about the condition of the house.

Lastly, if you are scheduling showings during the holidays, feel free to decorate the house accordingly. A Christmas tree, lit candles, and music in the background may be all it takes to land the sale.

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