This is quite embarrassing.  When an agent sets up a home viewing, we are often advised that there may be a ”friendly” dog at the home or “do not let the cat out.”  This was the case when i previewed a home for a Buyer in their absence.  I was told there was a “nervous cat, not to let out of the home.”  I arrived and opened the front door of the home to be greeted by the cat sitting on the staircase.  I acknowledged it by saying “hi kitty!”  I then proceeded towards the back of the home and kitchen.  I went down the basement and looked in the furnace room.  The cat had came down the basement stairs and sat on the second step from the bottom.  Having noticed a litter box in the furnace room i asked the cat “do you need to use your bathroom!”  I stepped aside and it remained on the stairs.  As i went to go up the stairs it hissed at me.  I then stepped back and the cat came towards me.  In order to give it some space i stepped backwards into a small bedroom at the opposite end of the basement.  The cat then came to the entrance of that room and “took up position!” It had cornered me in this basement back room …. really!  Twice i tried to leave and it hissed and became aggressive.  I even called the Sellers agent on my cell for help.  Eventually i was able to distract the cat enough to “get out of the house!”

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