The World’s Smallest Homes – Could you Imagine Living here?

World’s Smallest HomesWe all know the famous adage that bigger is better. From big cars to big homes, living large has always been the dream for so many of us. But there are probably many advantages to living “small”, too. Lower energy bills, fewer possessions and the luxury to just pick up and go.

We’ve compiled a list of the top smallest homes in the world. Some of them are just a few hundred square feet, while others are no bigger than a closet. If you had the option, how tiny would your home be?

Toronto’s Little House is certainly a tiny gem in the big city. This house, located at 128 Day Avenue, is just 312 square-feet. The house has become so popular it even has its own website and was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The celebrity host has shown interest in purchasing it one day for herself!

It’s often tough to transform the living area in a 2,000 square-foot home. So how on earth is it possible to come up with 24 different room combinations for a 344 square-foot apartment? Well, one Hong Kong architect has done just that with this tiny space – by simply sliding a series of built-in panels and walls. He calls this contraption the “Domestic Transformer” and has managed to live quite comfortably in the process. The apartment features a variety of kitchen, bathroom and living room layouts.  And get this:  It even contains space for a guest bedroom!

Know what’s cooler than a tiny house?

A tiny house on wheels, of course!

Tumbleweed Houses builds cozy, cabin-like homes that contain all the essentials: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and common living area. Some of these homes also come with a porch, so you can sit outside and enjoy the stars. The company allows you to choose from a catalogue of various designs. These tiny homes can be hitched to the back of your truck, so you can “shack-up” anywhere you please!

When photographer Christian Schallert moved to Barcelona 10 years ago, he made it his mission to find an affordable (yet liveable) space in the city. What he wrangled up was an old pigeon loft about 100 steps up on a building top. Schallert transformed this 250 square-foot cube into a liveable space. It’s a space in which he cooks, cleans, sleeps, and even entertains! To sleep, he rolls his bed out from under the balcony and his stairs become bedside tables! The photographer says his apartment is inspired by space-saving boat furniture and the streamlined serenity of Japanese design.

Last year, San Francisco approved America’s tiniest apartments. These 220 square-foot layouts are being built to help manage the city’s affordable housing crisis. However, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved the project on one condition: Each apartment cannot be occupied by more than two people. These new micro-apartments will be rented at about $1,200 – $1,500/month. Right now, the average rent price for a studio is about $2,000/month.

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