The show Property Virgins is fake!

Property VirginsWe’ve all grown accustomed to the boyfriend-stealing, hair-pulling, back-stabbing antics so typical of reality television.  From nasty pageant moms to single hotties looking for a wife, we all know the drama is often scripted and characters are egged-on by show producers.

But would you ever imagine that type of scripting happens on real estate/home-design shows?  Well, HGTV has come under fire recently for airing “far-from-real” storylines on its network.  One show that’s been particularly criticized is ‘Property Virgins’.

The show chronicles first-time homebuyers (“virgins”) as they hunt down their first property.  All along, the host goads them into lowering their expectations to fit their “modest” budgets.  That’s when the characters start moping and making concessions.

Although each episode ends happily — with the virgin skipping off to start her dream home, which is a 300 square foot box because that’s all she could afford — her journey is sometimes not what was portrayed during the 26 minutes of airtime.

There are reports that the series’ participants are forced to dramatize their emotions and overall heartbreak during taping. I mean, that report sounds like it could be true, right?  We all know house hunting can be stressful. But some of the melodrama and “suspense” that takes place on ‘Property Virgins’ is a bit tough to believe.Unless you’re 8-years-old, no grown adult would ever get that upset over the shoebox they just lost to a bidding war.

But here’s the kicker.  Rumour has it some of the properties featured during the “house hunt” are not even for sale!  Yes, folks.  Television can be deceptive like that.  Even the so-called “reality” variety.  Sometimes, producers will choose a home and ask the virgin to fake that they really want it — because the home’s dimensions are more suitable for camera work than, say, a home that is actually up for sale.

What you get, as a viewer, is a beautifully-shot episode in properties that are well-staged and visually appealing. It all makes for a succinct show — devoid of the uncertainty and ugliness of real, human life.

If you’re a real-life property virgin, don’t take your cues from reality television.  Your experience will most likely be far-different from what’s portrayed on HGTV.   You won’t have an expert host to guide your emotions and baby-sit you (unless your real estate agent is your mom), nor will you have a selection of immaculate properties to choose from.

House hunting can be a grind.  Don’t let the boob tube have you believe otherwise!

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