Unfortunately real estate is perceived as a pretty easy gig!  Agents make big bucks for little effort.  This perception has drawn a lot of people into the real estate business.  There are a lot of “part time” real estate agents.  Buying a home is the biggest investment you will make.  Selling a home is the biggest asset you will liquidate.  I would suggest that it would be prudent to utilize the services of a full time, professional agent with proven results.  It has been my experience that many Buyers and Sellers either use someone who was referred by someone who knows someone. It has also been my experience that people use their neighbour, friend of a friend or relative.  This may all work out, especially in a very hot real estate market, but maybe not.  The other issue that this raises is the sharing of your familial issues, requirements and  financial position with this friend or relative.  Again this may all work out but maybe not.   In my experience i have seen friendships and even families tested when things do not go well when Buying or Selling through friends and relatives.

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