The 5 Worst Open House Foods

Worst Open House FoodsEver watch that movie “I Love You, Man”, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segal?  Segal’s character regularly checks out open houses in California because he likes the food.  A classy open house will often feed potential buyers in the hopes of luring in a sale.  The presence of food also gives the open house a party-like feel, turning an otherwise stiff event into a casual one.

But there are open house foods that can be unpleasant and not particularly appetizing.  Below is a list of the 5 worst open house foods and why they should be avoided.


Sure, that slab of Brie and Camembert looks pretty when you lay it all out.  But give it some time.  Those bricks will melt.  And then they’ll start looking like liquids that were strained through grandma’s underwear.  Although fancy cheeses are a luxurious treat, avoid them during an open house.  You don’t want the food to look like it’s been out for hours.  With cheese, it will start looking like that in about 30 minutes time.  Simple cheddar may seem harmless, but that too should also be avoided.  It can start to look glossy and glazed once it’s been out for a while.  The look of melting cheeses will turn off potential buyers — not only from the rest of the food, but also the house.

Cheap coffee

We know that jar of instant Maxwell House was on sale at No Frills.  But please avoid putting out cheap coffee just because it’s convenient.  Borrow a Kuerig from a friend and lay out what at least looks like “fancy coffee”.  Don’t remind potential buyers of the bad brew they might find at a cheap motel.  Nothing worse than stepping into a home — and then finding out the coffee is just as gross as the one you drank at the Best Western the night before.

Dipping wieners

You’re not fooling anyone when you cut up a pack of Maple Leaf wieners and stick toothpicks in them.  We know what you did.  You cheap’d out and tried to pass it off as a Susur Lee creation.  People know the difference between a gourmet sausage appetizer and a snack you’d find at Trixiebelle’s Trailer Jamboree.

Chicken wings

This is NOT a finger food.  Yes, you can eat chicken wings with your fingers.  But it can be an embarrassing feat.  Keep potentially messy items off the open house food list.  The atmosphere can get uncomfortable as potential buyers nervously try to eat their chicken wing without being sloppy.  Not to mention the sticky fingers that can be wiped on furniture after such a messy endeavour.


The thought of getting someone so drunk that they decide to put in an offer is tempting.  But serving alcohol at an open house is a bad idea.  Not only is it expensive to supply booze — things can also get rowdy during what should be a professional endeavour.  Besides, do you really want Billy the Redneck from your child’s daycare dropping in on your open house for a free Corona?  Save the Jesus Juice for after the sale.

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