Stinky Open House

Real Estate Agents ListingsOne of my favourite things about being a Realtor is doing Open Houses.  It’s a chance to socialize, chat about Real Estate and meet interesting people.  My favourite open house guests are usually the first time homebuyers.  I still remember when it was my turn: my wife and I got pre approved for $230,000 in 2001 and believe it or not at the time that was a pretty good budget.  Going to open houses and seeing possibilities and imagining our future together was extremely exciting.  Now when I see a young couple walking through the front door I can usually sense if they are first timers and I can immediately feel the energy and excitement.

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But this is not what I wanted to talk about…are you familiar with the sign that you see at most open houses that says: PLEASE TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF-…well after today’s open house I decided to have a new sign made that says: PLEASE PUT YOUR SHOES BACK ON!!

An attractive tall young lady walked in and took her boots off…OH MY GOD!  Within minutes the entire 845sf condo was filled with a distinctive aroma of rubber HUNTER boots and sweaty feet!!!  To make things worse she took her time going through the condo admiring all the beautiful artwork, within seconds all the other guests disappeared and I was the only one that could not escape!!  :-(

Before leaving she was so kind to come and chat with me for a while…the longest 2 minutes of my life!!!


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