It was a cold January day with fluffy white snowfall.  All the city streets were lined with huge snow piles.  I had a retired Montreal couple arriving in town to view waterfront, back lake homes.  They arrived around 11:00 AM and the wife called me to say that they had a sensitive problem.  Her husband had problematic diarrhoea and was very concerned about a country tour!  We agreed to reassess the situation in a few hours.  Around 1:00 she called me to say that he was “tentatively ok” and they were anxious to go on the tour.  The snow fall was heavy as we were travelling down a city street near a local high school.  As i approached an intersection, one of those “tricked out teenagers cars” came speeding through the intersection in front of us. It barely missed the front of my car and now i am in the middle of the intersection.  The first vehicle was being followed by a second similar vehicle …. they had obviously been racing each other …. however this vehicle was going to broad side my car.  In a split second i decided that applying the brakes was futile, so i pushed the gas pedal to the floor.  My car accelerated through the intersection taking out a huge snow pile against the light standard.  All the while i was waiting for the impact on the side of the car, which did not happen, as we proceeded down the street.  The 2nd racing vehicle missed the back of the car by inches!  I casually looked in the rear view mirror and my lady Buyer’s eyes were as wide as saucers.  I asked her if she was fine and she stuttered yes.  Her husband looked at me and said …. “William we don’t have to worry about my diarrhoea any more …. my ass is so puckered i won’t s#*t for a week!”

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