The obvious problem with low basements is “height.”  In a finished basement, this is compounded by the strapping and drywall below the floor joists.  Simply there is too little room to work with in the basement.  You can fix same by digging down and pinning the foundation …. not …. way too expensive!  So i have suggested to my clients that removing the basement ceilings strapping & drywall, and simply spray a thick warehouse type paint to the floor joists and sub floor, gives the illusion of height.  Having said that, this really depends on the condition of the existing ceiling in the basement and how “bad” is the height problem.  You remove the existing ceiling …. strapping & drywall.  This exposes the wiring, heat ducts, return air vents, floor joists, cross supports and sub floor.  Clean up this “appearance” as best you can …. easily.  Then just spray a thick, “warehouse” type paint over all this exposed “stuff.”  The ceiling height has improved with the removal of the strapping and drywall but you also give the illusion of more height, as the space between the floor joists is exposed and the warehouse look is quite neat.  To finish the look, i also suggest a light coloured ceiling.  The basement walls then could be painted a “funky” pastel colour.  If the basement walls are brick (in reasonably good shape) these could be cleaned up a bit / painted and really add to the warehouse look.  The finishing touch is lighting.  Accent, bright “funky” lighting …. track lighting &/or lamps would be ok.  This is not too expensive and does deal well with that pesky height problem, albeit if only an illusion.


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