Home Buying ProcessOnce i was working with Buyers, a young professional couple wanting to start a family.  It was an insane Sellers market in the GTA and everybody was overpricing their homes for sale or expecting a windfall in multiple bids.  We found a home “off the beaten track” which i valued at about $50,000.00 less than the listing price.  I spoke with the Sellers agent with little insight, so i suggested to my Buyers that we prepare a conditional offer based on my assessment.  As is a Buyer’s agent right, i asked to present my Buyers offer to the Sellers directly.  This is always prudent when you are going in with what is perceived to be a “low ball” offer.  This gives me the opportunity to meet with the Sellers to ascertain their motivation to sell and try and understand their price point.  The male Seller was a huge police officer, his wife was quite nice and the listing agent non descript.  I met with them at their home.  We discussed my Buyers, the market, area comparables and their home which was for sale.  I then presented the offer to all three at the same time.  It did not take one minute for the husband to stand up and literally throw the offer at me across the kitchen table!  He yelled at me “get out of my house that offer is an insult!”  Not much more to say, so i left the home.  My Buyers were upset but i assured them that we would go back again.  A month passed and the home did not sell so i prepared another offer and insisted that i present same to the Sellers again.  There was resistance but i did so.  I presented to them an offer with the exact same price as previously.  This time the Seller stayed seated but rejected the offer again.  Although we did have  a more fruitful conversation about the home and the market at this time.  It took yet another month but i did return a third time with an offer with the exact same price and it was accepted.  The Buyers are still living there and very happy with the home and the price which they paid for same.

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