Just another day in the life of a realtor!

To many who are not in my profession, this story may not have meaning. To me, when I read this from my real estate friend residing back East (I will refer to her as Susan to protect her identity)I could empathise. She writes:

‘Just picked up a new buyer through an Internet lead service. Nice young woman. Returns calls immediately, responds to e-mails promptly, agrees to work with me and we meet last night to go over paperwork, chat, then go view a two-family she knows she wants. She lives near the place, knows all about it, knows she is going to want to put in an offer. In the ten minute drive to the property, I learn:

1) Her fiancé was killed in a drive-by shooting;
2) She is suspicious, does not believe the story given by the other guy in the car; starts her own investigation;
3) A few weeks in, her dog is poisoned in the yard;
4) Her mother is now dead, she cannot turn to her for help;
5) Dad’s in prison. No contact.
6) The house she has been renting a room in, and paying fairly high rent for, is going into foreclosure because the landlord took the money, did not pay the mortgage, and split.
7) She begins talks with the bank about buying the house herself because she loves it. At first they tell her she can buy it; she gets her financing in order. She qualifies for a mortgage larger than what the house will go for, so she figures she is all set. Not so fast. Sooooo many problems attached to this house, the title, etc., that she just decides she wants to get something else.
8) We go to the house, in the dark, in a not-safe neighborhood (her neighborhood, so I feel somewhat safer with her). Get key out of lockbox. Great. I can see that it is a brand new key, and I know what is coming. Right. Key does not work. I call the listing agent, a bulldog of a guy, Nickolay, who sounds like he is from the Russian Mafia. Nickolay keeps saying , “RRRR, YES, key should vork. Key should vork!” I keep trying. Key not vorking. Nicolay cannot meet us, he is having belated Valentine’s Dinner with his girlfriend. Which is interesting, because I know Nikolay and his WIFE, lol. Met them at Realtor functions in the past. I reschedule for Saturday at 10:00.
9) This is going to be a short relationship. She is sweet and trusting, but I don’t see her becoming one of my future friends-who-started-as-buyers. We just don’t seem to run in the same social circles.’

Just another day in the life of a realtor.

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