Is it Time to sell your Toronto Home and Cash in?

Many homeowners are on the edge of the fence when it comes to deciding if it’s time to sell their Toronto home and cash in. There are many reasons why you would choose to sell such as wanting a bigger home to start a family, the desire to finally get out of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of rural life and job relocation. However, some of us need better excuses:

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All of the New Condos

When you bought your home you enjoyed the view of Lake Ontario. These days all you can see is into the windows of new condo owners. It seems these days, a condo can’t even advertise as having a waterfront view because the day after, another condo is built in front of it. It won’t be long until condos are built on stilts in Lake Ontario. If you are resentful of losing your waterfront view, or feel claustrophobic being surrounded by buildings and cranes, it may be time to move. Have you considered any of the new waterfront condos going up?

Your Neighbors have retired

You live on a dead end street and were lucky enough to be surrounded by middle-aged professionals with children who are all grown up. They even have well behaved dogs. Unfortunately, the next door neighbours have opted for early retirement and they are already bored. They invested in both a power washer and a leaf blower and even if you could handle the noise, you are getting tired of them power washing your Blue Bin and leaf blowing the cobwebs under your patio. Did we mention they get up at 5am every Sunday?

The Neighbourhood is too cool

The neighbourhood used to be kind of dangerous but only in reputation. It was home but now areas like Cabbagetown, Riverdale and Kensington are turning into a hipster’s paradise. There’s a fair trade coffee shop within every three paces, you can’t even purchase non-organic fruit anymore and if you have to see one more artist in, “skinny jeans” you’re afraid of what you might do. Yes, you may be getting tired of your trendy neighbourhood but the good news is that now your house is worth five times its original worth!

In all seriousness, it’s becoming more of a seller’s market in Toronto than ever before. Homeowners who have been living in the same home for years are finding that selling now means a profit they never would have thought possible when they first purchased their home. This is a great opportunity to buy in a neighbourhood more to your liking or get right out of the city entirely.

Even if your neighbours haven’t started a chihuahua sanctuary it is the best time to sell your Toronto home and cash in. Just be sure to hire a real estate agent that has the experience, local knowledge and selling know-how to get you the price you deserve and to get it as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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