We certainly have lots and lots of real estate agents in the GTA to interview.  The last membership count exceeded 38,000 agents.  Unfortunately a major percentage of these agents have been attracted to the business because they have either lost their “real” job or they think real estate is easy money!  Don’t be taken in with a “neat” presentation package presented by an agent.  Would it surprize you to know that of the 38,000 agents in the GTA, 11,000 sell one or less homes a year?? Another 17,000 of these 38,000 agents in the GTA sell three or less homes a year!!  I would suggest that you keep this in mind when you are relying upon an agent to handle your biggest investment decision.  Ask the hard questions!!  How long have you been in the real estate business?  How many Sellers have you worked with and sold their home?  How many Buyers have you worked with and sold them homes?  If i hire you, specifically what are your commitments to me?  How will you support me with my real estate requirements?  What is it going to cost me?  Tell me a about your Brokerage …. is it a major company with branches inside and outside the GTA for maximum exposure?  Where can i read your testimonials from your previous client experiences?  I covered this subject previously in my post “THE AGENT FRIEND OR RELATIVE.”  So what i am really saying is “interview the agent …. the person!”  It is not just about the fact that you are placing your largest investment with this person.  You are also signing a binding contract with this person!  Is this the agent with whom you are most confident that they will do their job.  What happens if they do not?

FYI on a personal note, i have successfully negotiated over 467 real estate transactions in my career.  Also i have been involved in another 200 transactions in the GTA over the past decade which did not come to fruition as i could not, in good conscience, let my clients over pay for a property in a bidding war!

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