I had a property listed in January on Lake Ontario.  It was a business relocation and vacant.  The home had been winterized which meant the toilets were not operational and the water turned off to avoid freezing up in the winter temperatures.  I arrived to do an open house and the vacant home stank!  Someone who had viewed the home with their agent apparently had used the toilet. Unable to flush the toilet, the treasure sat in the home for days!  I had to flush that toilet before the open house.  It was a bitter cold day and i decided to get a bucket from the garage to fill with water from the lake to enable me to flush the toilet.  I trudged through three feet of snow in my dress shoes about 200 feet to the water’s edge with my bucket.  The shoreline had huge slabs of ice which i had to get around to get to the open water.  Success i had filled the bucket and was about to head back to the home.  At this point, the neighbour’s dog decided to join me and play in the lake on the frozen slabs of ice.  He fell into the lake and could not get out on the ice.  I had to wade into the water up to my knees to grab him and pull him out of Lake Ontario.  I spent the next two hours at an open with my shoes and pants soaked from the knees down but the toilet was flushed.


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