In real estate the time proven adage “location, location, location” holds true when purchasing a condo.   Obviously there are many other factors to also consider.   The size of the unit which diminishes as you get closer to the downtown core.  Does the unit include a parking spot and locker.  Condos with “north exposure” do not get sunlight.  How close is the condo to the elevator.  What are the condo fees and what is included in same.  Are there amenities that you do not require which contribute to these fees.  How old is the building and how well maintained over the years.  What floor is the unit on …. too high or too low.  Is there a balcony.  What is the view from the unit.  Is the surrounding area static or is there about to be new construction encroaching on the building.  What is the owner versus tenant percentages which actually occupy the building.  Are there any major refurbishments requiring a special assessment to the condo owners.  Are pets allowed in the building.  How close is the condo to the subway and TTC routes.  Is there much, if any, sound that can be heard from the adjacent units.  How close is the condo to restaurants, shopping and grocery stores.  Yes location, location, location is paramount in any property purchase but condos have many dynamics which factor into the decision.  That decision should always factor in the importance of resale!

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