Funny But True Real Estate Story

I had a clients home listed that worked as a nurse. Dolly often worked the night shift so, showings during the day were sometimes difficult. We called to schedule a showing and didn’t get an answer so we left the message on the answering machine and scheduled the showing. My client called me late in the day to tell me about the showing at her home…… Dolly said she woke up in the morning and heard voices in her kitchen. She realized that there were people in her house and they were headed up the stairs to the bedroom where she was. Unable to get up before they reached the room, Dolly made the quick decision to play possum. I need to explain that Dolly was about 4 foot 5 inches and less than 100 lbs soaking wet. She had one of the old fashioned water beds before baffles. Dolly tossed the heavy comforter over her head and laid still while the couple and Realtor viewed the bedroom. Dolly said it was all she could do to keep from laughing as she listened to the conversation with the Realtor and customers unaware that she was right there in bed! Thank goodness no one decided to sit on the bed and talk. Everyone would have been in for a fright.

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