Funniest Real Estate Commercials

Real Estate CommercialsSurprisingly, the real estate business is filled with a lot of suspense. Bidding wars, dueling agents and nerve-wracking mortgage applications make the industry a queasy one for some. But it’s often useful to take note of the lighter side of the business as well. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the funniest real estate commercials around. These ads will make you wanna run out and buy a house. If not, at least they’ll make you chuckle out loud!

Now here’s a dilemma a lot of us can relate to. Ever get stuck trying to sell your used TV, bedroom furniture or station wagonusing ineffective, old school tactics? These methods might include putting up tacky posters and telling anyone (and everyone!) that you’ve got something for sale. Well, the sad truth is a lot of people resort to these tactics to sell something as valuable as real estate. Here’s one company’s (funny!) interpretation of it all.

Living large in rather small spaces. This Japanese brokerage grapples with the reality of city life in this funny commercial. We love the kicker at the end because it’s so relatable, no matter what part of the world you live in.

Meet Gary Shlitz. He’s most likely the world’s worst real estate agent. But you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Either his cell phone is on the fritz or he’s trying to hook you up with a shady mortgage broker who operates out of a crack house. This commercial playslike a skit out of SNL. But still, this Vancouver realtor sure knows how to get your attention.

Families ask real estate agents the same questions all the time — with the most common being: “How are the schools in the area?” And each time, the agent answers, “Excellent”. But how do these agents know that? Have they checked out each school and sat in its classes? Well, it looks like the agents at ERA may have done just that!

We put this real estate commercial on the list because it’s so bad, it’s actually funny. We thought this guy was a spoof … until we checked out his website and realized he is legit. We introduce Scot Savage from Las Vegas. He’ll make sure you know he’s the best in town and will hound you for your listing. And then you’ll probably laugh in his face and settle for someone else instead.

This next commercial is a charming little ditty straight out of Minnesota. It’s one of our favourites because it’s a straight-forward take on what it’s like to get milked out of your hard-earned money. This ad is wholesome, concise and hilarious to boot!

“Cowboys: Showdown on Main Street” is unlike any other Western you’ve seen before. We all know realtors are helpful in many ways. But who knew they could calm the nerves of two cowboys who are ready to pounce?!

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