Four Signs Your Real Estate Agent Is a Rookie

Most real estate agents do not start out as pros. In fact, many of them make a lot of mistakes when they first start out in the business. It might seem like being a real estate agent is a piece of cake at first, but it is a lot of work and can be very difficult at times. However, if you are someone who is trying to purchase property, you might not be comfortable working with a real estate agent who doesn’t have much experience. Here are four signs your real estate agent is a rookie.

He Doesn’t Spend Money On Marketing

If you found your real estate agent through a friend or family member and have not seen his services advertised in newspapers or online ads, he’s a rookie. A rookie real estate agent might not have spent much money on marketing his services. He recently had to shell out hundreds of dollars for a license and just does not even want to think about spending more money. A rookie real estate agent does not realize yet how important it is to get his name out there through marketing and advertising. If he just relies on word of mouth, people are not going to know who he is very long.

He Doesn’t Use a Closing Team

If your real estate agent is not very experienced, he most likely will not use the help of a closing team to finish the sale. He will not have an insurance agent, lender, appraiser, listing agent and title officer there with him to close the sale. Having all of these business people around a real estate agent will make him appear more legit and serious about his business.

He Has Shown Up Late

Some rookie real estate agents might not realize yet how important it is to show up to all of your appointments on time. They think that potential buyers have all the time in the world to wait on them. It is very crucial, however, to show up to an appointment on time, especially if the real estate agent is planning on showing a house. The client might get angry that his real estate agent did not bother to make it on time and just leave.

He Doesn’t Dress the Part

Very young real estate agents who are just getting into the business may not realize how important it is to dress the part of a real estate agent. They might show up to appointments in tank tops, shorts and tennis shoes and not think anything of it. Dressing so casually makes a real estate agent seem like he is not taking his job very seriously.

These are just four of the signs of a rookie real estate agent. I am not saying that a rookie real estate agent can’t ever become experienced, but you might not want to deal with one when you are trying to purchase property for yourself.

Unfortunately in the GTA, with the 38,000 + registered agents, there are also a lot of part time agents who have the same potential issues to consider.

As we have always suggested, seek out the services of a full time, professional agent.  These agents should also have a website with TESTIMONIALS to assist you in making the best choice for your investment advice.

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