Foreclosure Funny Real Estate Story (by : Karie Jacobs)

Years ago working in Battle Creek, Michigan I had a seller contact me about listing his home. Excited for the opportunity I asked for the address and we agreed to meet at the property. I verified that the man was the owner of the property with tax records and headed out with my camera and paperwork to get a new listing.

I drove up and the grass was up to my knees and the property looked a mess from the outside. The seller explained that he was in the process of being forclosed on but the bank had told him that he had the right to selling during the redemption period. Unfortunately the home had been secured by the lender and we didn’t have a key any that worked. We walked around the home and noticed that there was a window that was open.

I need to remind you that it was my first year of Real Estate and I was very eager to get going. The window was up about 4 feet from the ground, but with the help of the seller I made it to the open window. My head was on the inside so you know what was sticking out when I heard “Freeze”. The police dragged me out of the window and I had a lot of explaining to do. I didn’t get arrested that day but it was touch and go for a few minutes while I explained the situation. The police let me go and I suggested to the seller that we should contact the lender for entry to the home. I am older now and have learned from most of the silly things I have done over the years:)

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