Recently i had a commercial property for sale.  A “potential” Buyer walked in off the street and spoke with my Seller directly.  Subsequently i was able to secure an Agreement to Purchase.  During the process the Buyer seemed a bit off!  Difficult to reach, calling me from cell phones borrowed from shoppers in the mall (apparently the Buyer’s cell had been lost having left same on the roof of the car a week prior) and having a room in a hovel of a motel in the west end of the city.  After a week of negotiations, i had to obtain a certified deposit cheque for the agreement.  The Buyer had represented a solid financial portfolio to me, so imagine my surprise when the Buyer could not come up with the total amount of the deposit on the offer.  I was provided with “most” by bank draft with the balance to follow the next Monday.  The Buyer then fell off the face of the earth for two weeks.  The deal was voided as i found out that the Buyer had been re-admitted to the hospital.

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