It is amazing what “some” Sellers will do to conceal a problem with their home for sale.  My Buyers had been looking for months for that “perfect” first home in the country.  We found it!  A picturesque, pastoral setting with a five acre hobby, horse farm for sale.  The Buyers fell in love with the property and proceeded with an offer.  Unfortunately we were out bid by another Buyer.  Two months past and the Seller’s agent contacted me to inform me that the previous Buyer was unable to close the deal and we could “scoop up” the property.  My Buyers were ecstatic and immediately submitted an offer but we only had twenty four hours to get it accepted.  The actual home was about eight year old construction and my Buyer was in the trades.  In the rush to get the home, against my insistence, he was comfortable proceeding with an offer without a full home inspection.  I met with the Seller and agent, insisted on a Seller Property Information declaration, and i asked the Seller pointedly if she had any water problems in the basement.  She was emphatic “no!”  Within two months after moving into the home, the Buyers woke to find three feet of water in the basement.  We subsequently determined that just before putting the home for sale, they had dry walled over the twisted, water damaged studs in the basement.  We also discovered from the neighbours that on two occasions the Sellers had to bring in a truck to pump the water out of the basement.  The Buyers sued …. i testified at the court case and the Buyers were awarded $25,000.00 in damages.

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