Cramped Living Quarters

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A person walks in my office at Pape and Danforth…exciting…what would he like to talk to me about?…buying a home, selling a home, investment properties, executive rental?

He says: I really like this area, I want to rent a 1 bedroom apartment.

I say: Great! what is your budget?

Client: $600 a month

Me: well that is a BIT low for this area, maybe we should expand the search area, what other area would you consider?

Client: I also like Yonge/Bloor

Me:  There is only one man that could have helped you with your request, but unfortunately he died about 2000 years ago!

Was that wrong for me to say that?  Should I have helped him to rent a locker in a condo building and use the bathroom in the gym? Any suggestions?


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