A real challenge when viewing a home is being confronted by an overly aggressive dog at the door.  The dog that is barking, jumping into the door, aggressively snarling exposing his teeth, all the while froth is dripping from its mouth.  I had one of these viewings when i was working with a young Buyer who worked in a large butcher shop.  We stood at the door and i refused to unlock the door to enter the home.  My Buyer told me to go ahead and open the door as it would be fine.  Now my Buyer was a young, muscular fella but no match for this crazy dog, in my opinion.  I opened the door a crack while this dog was trying to get at me.  My Buyer stepped into the opening and the dog ran away into the back of the home.  Really, i have never seen a vicious dog retreat so quickly.  It turned out that my young butcher had been working on the “kill floor” that afternoon at the butcher shop.  He told me that apparently when an animal is being put down, it emits a scent which obviously this crazy dog smelled.

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