10 Weird Sounding Places in Canada

If you’ve ever done any amount of travelling outside of Canada, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across your share of …”questionable” city names.

From “Nowhere Else” in Australia, to “My Large Intestine” in Texas, and “Nasty” in England, there’s a seemingly endless number whacky locale names out there. But while it’s certainly fun to laugh at their expense, maybe we shouldn’t be pointing fingers so quickly. After all, Canada is the proud host of some of the weirdest sounding communities across the globe. Here are just a few:

1. Town of Mono, Ontario

Enter at your own risk, but make sure nobody coughs on you!


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2. Bacon Ridge, Manitoba

A.K.A. Best place to live on Earth

3. Robert’s Arm, Newfoundland

Are you sure Robert’s okay with this?

Robert’s Arm
4. Sober Island, Nova Scotia

Well this certainly doesn’t sound as fun as Bacon Ridge.

Sober Island
5. Tisdale, Saskatchewan

It’s not the town’s name, but rather its slogan that this community’s famous for.

6. Mayo, Quebec

I’ve heard the sandwiches here are to die for!

7. Drinkwater, Saskatchewan

Hmm…close relative of Sober Ridge perchance?


8. Tiny, Ontario

I tried to visit once, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find it!


9. Saint Louis Du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec

Are you laughing with me, or are you laughing AT me?

10. Champagne, Yukon

Cheers to a nation that’s proud to celebrate its culture, diversity, and downright weirdness!


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